NeoDCP Player - software DCP player

Playback of protected and unprotected DCPs

Interop and SMPTE subtitles rendering

Independent controller window

2K, 4K or Stereo (3D) output

Continuous updates, 1-to-1 contact with our team

Do you need to check your DCP or play it in own cinema?

It is now extremely easy. You don’t need expensive hardware anymore.

  • Fully capable DCP player

    The only cost effective solution for professionals to play SMPTE and Interop DCP movies, with full stereoscopic (3D) support.

  • Built-in KDM database to support both protected and unprotected content.

  • Easy to use

    Use the control panel on the primary display and play videos on the secondary display or projector without tearing issues.

  • Suitable for studios and smaller cinemas.

Download NeoDCP Player and try its powerful features for FREE.

What others say about us

Jean-Pierre P.

It’s perfect. Thank you, your player is truly the best player I’ve tested.

Jean-Pierre P.Laboratoire numérique
Antonio C.

I have tested your DCP Player and it works very well with all type of material that I have done here! The subtitles have good rendering and displaying, better than other DCP Players that are really expensive, hahaha!. The features are so cool.

Antonio C.
Leroy O.

I wanted to thank you for all the hard work in producing the NeoDCP Player – and your fairness in assigning a honest and fair price. Keep up the great work!

Leroy O.
Danny A.

Hi, I just installed the new version, and I am impressed with all the new options. I have tested my MultiCPL DCPs and worked perfectly. And the new features for color correction are very good idea. It suits me much better than EasyDCP Player+ and price is far better :-).

Danny A.

If you are interested in buying NeoDCP Player, continue here. You can choose from various license types precisely tailored to match your needs.

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