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Information for customers with Windows XP and Windows Vista

Dear friends, Since today, Windows XP and Windows Vista have been placed in limited support. All following player releases available in the download section will require Windows 7 or later. No new player licenses will be issued for operating systems prior to Windows 7; existing ones can be prolonged. Windows 7 and later are fully […]

NeoDCP Player v3.63 – added option to define color space for subtitles and more

Release notes: Added an option to define color space for subtitles (see the Subtitles page when opening a DCP) Subtitles are converted from their color space to the output color space Subtitle rasterizer updated User Manual updated ! ASSETMAP files with empty asset paths should not be rejected, instead a warning should be displayed Enjoy […]

NeoDCP Player v3.62 released.

Release notes: Subtle changes to windowed-mode playback Full-screen monitor selector functions differently when windowed-mode playback is not allowed by license Enjoy your NeoDCP Player!

NeoDCP Player v3.61 – added DCI P3 RGB color space and more.

Release notes: Added DCI P3 RGB color space (SMPTE-431-2) Added CIE illuminant D60 Added ‘Show Item Time Window’ and ‘Show Playlist Time Window’ to the Playback menu Automatic updates are protected by the configuration password, if it is set User Manual updated Enjoy your NeoDCP Player!

NeoDCP Player v3.60 is available. What’s new?

Dear friends! New release of NeoDCP Player is available. We are introducing a comprehensive User Guide for NeoDCP Player. You may access it from the Help menu. Other improvements are included as well: NeoDCP Player v3.60 release notes The User Manual is accessible on the Help menu In the playlist editor, double-clicking an item invokes […]

NeoDCP Player v3.50 – Added optional automatic update functionality

Release notes: Added optional automatic update functionality Added a menu item to enable or disable automatic updates Added a menu item to check for updates manually Added an option for reverse playback of CPLs Redesigned the Open Audio/Video MXF window Changed colors of some GUI elements Subtitle rasterizer updated Database engine updated Installer updated Updated […]

NeoDCP Player v3.30 – More DCP Libraries management options available

Release notes: Added an option to perform DCP library cleanup Manage DCP Libraries window shows available disk space and the number of DCPs per DCP library Available disk space is displayed before and after DCP ingest References to missing ingested DCPs are shown in red color Subtitle rasterizer updated Failed DCP ingest might lead to […]

NeoDCP Player v3.10 – Protect the application with passwords

Release notes: It is now possible to protect the application with passwords Added options to permit or forbid removing ingested DCPs and KDM keys Redesigned the Settings window Licensing system updated Changed several menu shortcuts Updated German, Russian and Slovak translations Trial licenses are valid for 14 days Enjoy your NeoDCP Player!

NeoDCP Player v3.00 – Windows 10 is fully supported.

Official release notes: Windows 10 (build 10240) is now fully supported Added subtitles/captions selection option for CPLs, possible to be set differently for each playlist item Added an option to evaluate system performance to the installer Removed the ‘Render subtitles’ option from the Settings window It is now allowed to start partial playback even if […]