NeoDCP Player at movie festival Art Film Fest 2014

Dear friends and colleagues,

Two instances of NeoDCP Player have been successfully used to screen many DCPs for audience at the international movie festival Art Film Fest 2014. The first one was connected to a DCI-compliant Barco projector, whereas the second one was connected to an ordinary full-HD Sanyo projector to meet special requirements.

Features recognised as very useful


  • Especially for the International Competition of Short Films
  • Many 5-30 minutes long movies with various frame-rates and aspect ratios were played without interruption so the playback operation crew could have a coffee

Video settings

  • Simple pre-projection preparation phase assured successful playback

Playback of encrypted DCPs

  • Many encrypted DCPs have been successfully screened

Subtitles rendering

  • Fantastic subtitles rendering helped the audience to achieve better experience
  • Did you know that the NeoDCP Player is the only DCP player with DCI-grade subtitles rendering? Those of you who understand know that only this way you will see  what a movie authors originally intended the audience to perceive

Digital masking

  • Important feature that allowed the projection crew to relax when preparing for projection
  • Many cinemas have projection screens with different aspect ratios. Normally it is quite a challenge to correctly setup a projector for screening to match the screen area. Digital masking makes everything very simple

Secret button ‘B’

  • Did you know that when you are focused on the playback screen and press ‘B’ it will highlight the digital mask? If you are an cinema, try it yourself and let us know if you like it 😉

Support for so-called supplemental DCPs

  • Yet unreleased feature that will be published very soon for all of you

Finally, here are a few photos from the projection:

(more to come soon)

Important note for all

NeoDCP player has been recognised as much more effective solution to project DCPs for audience than rentals of expensive DCP servers. Here are the reasons:

  • Rentals of DCP servers are very expensive
  • Their usability is too old-style and difficult
  • For the price of DCP server rentals you can get at least 2 professional licenses of NeoDCP Player
  • You will never get such power over the playback quality with rented DCP server as you get with NeoDCP
  • You can always borrow the PC with NeoDCP Player to your colleagues
  • Last, but not least, usually with renting DCP server you must pay the DCP server projection crew. This may be very costly too. NeoDCP Player is so simple so your technician will learn using it within max. 30 minutes. Save some money with us!

NeoDCP Player version 2.39

  • Added support for font resources that do not contain regular style

NeoDCP Player version 2.38

  • DCPs are now opened by selecting their ASSETMAP files
  • CPL selection dialog fixed
  • KDM ingest was failing if recipient’s subject name was formatted in a certain way

NeoDCP Player version 2.37

  • Added support for 2.35:1 digital masking
  • Important stability fixes
  • Slightly increased minimum hardware requirements
  • GUI updated

NeoDCP Player version 2.36

  • Added support for stereoscopic SMPTE subtitles
  • Added error reporting functionality
  • Translations updated
  • Installer updated
  • GUI updated


NeoDCP Player version 2.35

  • It is possible to configure reference whites for color transforms
  • Added three color transforms
  • License requests now contain OS type information
  • Entering name and organization is now mandatory when creating license requests
  • Updated audio/video synchronization
  • Changed frame-code position
  • Updated pixel shader code
  • PNG decoder updated
  • Various editions of Windows 8.1 are now identified correctly
  • Fixed an issue with audio/video delay in non-v-sync mode
  • The playback window was sometimes closing too slowly when content protection was active
  • Minor corrections to SMPTE subtitle timing

NeoDCP Player version 2.34

  • Subtitle rasterizer updated
  • Installer updated
  • Playback window caption should contain playlist name
  • Fixed occassional incorrect texture initialization

NeoDCP Player version 2.33

  • Changed the way color transforms are configured.
  • Modified colors of the Settings window.

NeoDCP Player version 2.32

  • Added support for digital masking (Flat 1.85:1, Scope 2.39:1 and 16:9).
  • Added support for side-by-side stereoscopic playback.
  • Significantly increased stability when attempting to play damaged DCPs.
  • Digital mask coloring for projector/screen configuration (toggle by pressing ‘B’ when the playback window has focus).
  • Added ‘Reset to defaults’ button to the ‘Settings’ window.
  • Changed the default setting of ‘3D video playback’ to ‘stereoscopic playback’.
  • Changed the default setting of ‘Video scaling’ to ‘resize to cover the entire display area’.
  • JPEG 2000 decoder updated.
  • PNG decoder updated.
  • Switched from Qt4.8 to Qt5.2.
  • Removed the option to erase all keys and data from the uninstaller.

NeoDCP Player version 2.31

  • PNG decoder updated.
  • Core libraries updated.
  • Fixed an issue with some output audio devices reporting incorrect volume level.
  • Fixed an issue when switching between full-screen and windowed modes.