NeoDCP Player v2.65 released.

New version of the NeoDCP Player is here. Official release notes:

NeoDCP Player v2.65 (7th October 2014)

  • The time-line slider can now display CPL markers
  • Right-clicking the time-line slider opens the go-to menu
  • Added support for rendering closed subtitles and open/closed captions
  • DCP ingest now also includes closed subtitles and open/closed captions
  • Added settings for loading various types of subtitles and captions
  • Added total duration indicator to the playlist editor window
  • DCP inspect shows language for audio and timed-text
  • Added button for renaming ingested DCPs (changing their aliases)
  • Added button for renaming DCP repositories
  • CPL reel info is displayed in the controller window
  • CPL content kind is displayed in the controller window
  • More verbose when an MXF file is missing from a DCP
  • Minor changes to the stereoscopic renderer
  • DCP database upgraded
  • Subtitle parser updated
  • PNG decoder updated
  • GUI updated
  • Some translations updated
  • Installer updated
  • ! DCPs created by some ancient version of OpenDCP could not be opened properly
  • ! An incorrect color transform could be occasionally applied to the first frame of a CPL
  • ! Buttons were not disabled after removing a DCP from a DCP repository
  • ! Fixed minor GUI issue when selecting DCPs for ingest

Upgrade your installations and enjoy!