NeoDCP Player version 2.50 released

Dear friends and colleagues,

new version of the NeoDCP Player was just released. Many interesting features are ready to be used:

NeoDCP Player v2.50

(28th July 2014, beta)

  • Implemented DCP ingest feature
  • Implemented DCP hash verification feature
  • Added full support for so-called Supplemental DCPs
  • Unresolved file references are clearly marked when inspecting supplemental DCPs
  • Added Spanish translation of the application
  • Added more diagnostic checks to the DirectX initialization code
  • Added more diagnostic checks to the MXF handling code
  • More MXF file metadata displayed on inspect (average bit-rate, type, etc.)
  • Added an option to disable subtitles rendering
  • Added menu item to toggle digital mask visibility for projector/screen configuration
  • Added support for the EffectSize subtitle attribute
  • If needed, decryption key validity periods are extended by 6 hours (according to the DCI Specification v1.2)
  • Added ‘Alt-F’ hotkey to switch between full-screen and windowed modes
  • A warning is shown when running the 32-bit version under a 64-bit Windows OS
  • It is possible to play CPLs containing audio even if the output audio device is not available
  • Added license expiration dialog
  • Licensing menu and dialogs redesigned
  • Maximum picture queue size is now determined differently
  • CPL selection dialog items reordered
  • PKL content title is displayed instead when the PKL annotation text is empty
  • KDM-related optimizations
  • Redesigned the KDM browser window
  • DCP inspect window redesigned
  • The default border subtitle effect was too faint
  • Fixed minor font style selection issue introduced in the previous version
  • Corrected sizing of some GUI elements
  • Changed colors of some GUI elements
  • More verbose when PKL asset file info is incomplete
  • More verbose when parsing invalid or missing ASSETMAP/CPL/PKL/MXF files
  • More verbose when encountering errors during opening of playlist files
  • Renamed the ‘default’ full-screen mode to ‘use Windows desktop settings’
  • Changed the default setting of ‘Video scaling’ to ‘fit to the display area’
  • Replaced the ‘B’ hotkey for digital mask by ‘Alt-M’ and changed its context to the controller window
  • Slightly modified the behavior of excess CPU load indicator
  • Most dialogs except file/folder selection are now centered on screen
  • JPEG 2000 decoder updated
  • PNG decoder updated
  • Translations updated
  • Decryption key expiration warning was sometimes shown way too early