NeoDCP Player version 2.56 was just released

Dear friends,

We would like to announce a new release today again. Please check the release notes:

NeoDCP Player Version 2.56

(14th August 2014)

  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Global hotkey Ctrl-Alt-S moves the controller window between monitors (Windows XP+)
  • WinLogo-Shift-Left moves the controller window to left monitor (Windows 7+)
  • WinLogo-Shift-Right moves the controller window to right monitor (Windows 7+)
  • Added the ‘Hide mouse cursor’ option (Settings->User interface)
  • Added more diagnostic checks to the XML handling code
  • Asset paths with special entities are now accepted
  • A warning is displayed for CPLs with mismatching IDs
  • Allowed playing DCPs with some invalid or missing CPLs (a warning will be displayed; ingest will fail)
  • nVidia API updated
  • Subtitle rasterizer updated
  • Resolved compatibility issue with the CQJ2K JPEG2000 compression library

Enjoy !