NeoDCP Player version v2.66 is here.

New version of the NeoDCP player was just released. Official release notes:

NeoDCP Player Version 2.66 (16th October 2014)

  • Windows 10 is now recognized and fully supported
  • Subtitle prefetcher is now more effective
  • CPL markers are ingested
  • Slightly changed the behavior of the trial version
  • Increased the maximum MXF ancillary data size limit
  • Minor optimizations to visible watermark placement code
  • DCP database schema upgraded
  • nVidia API updated
  • GUI updated
  • Installer updated
  • Fixed two minor issues with opening standalone audio/video MXFs
  • Better handling of unicode paths
  • Corrected display of DCP data with HTML entities
  • Some CPL markers were not displayed in the go-to menu