How to play supplemental DCPs

To be able to play a supplemental DCP in the NeoDCP Player, the original referenced DCP has to be ingested first.

To ingest DCPs, a DCP repository has to be created beforehands.

How to create a DCP library? (this has to be done only once)

  1. Go to menu “Ingest” and select the “Manage libraries…” item.
  2. Click the “Create DCP library” button.
  3. Enter the desired library name – it is only an alias and it will be possible to change it in the future.
  4. Press the “Select folder” button and choose an empty folder, preferably on a separate hard-drive.
  5. Click OK. The library will appear in the “DCP libraries” list and it will be automatically selected as an ingest target.

Note: You may create one or more libraries.

How to ingest DCPs?

  1. Go to menu “Ingest” and select the “Ingest DCPs…” item.
  2. Then choose the folder which contains the DCPs you want to have ingested by the player. A selection dialog will appear.
  3. Choose which DCPs to ingest and press the button “Ingest DCPs”.

How to play ingested DCPs?

  1. Go to menu “Ingest” and select the “Open ingested DCP…” item.
  2. Select the composition (CPL) you want to play and press “Open CPL”.

How to play supplemental DCPs?

A supplemental DCP refers to media assets that are present in another DCP. In order to be able to automatically locate these media assets, the referenced DCP has to be ingested by the player. The media assets from an ingested DCP are then automatically registered so that other DCPs could use them. So, if the original referenced DCP is already ingested, you can play the supplemental DCP by selecting “Open DCP…” item from the “File” menu. Of course, it is also possible to ingest the supplemental DCP too, and to open it via “Open ingested DCP…”

the NeoDCP Team