Christmas Offer and New License Types

Many of you have asked us for a cheaper alternative to the Ultimate license with no recurring payments. So here it is! From now on, the new Ultimate 2K license is available for purchase and it may be used for public screenings.

Find out more about available license types here.

Christmas Offer

Make an online order until 25th December 2014, and get your license for an unbeatable price.

Price examples:

Click here to view the complete pricelist.


Should you have any questions or suggestions just drop us a message.

NeoDCP Team

NeoDCP Player version v2.66 is here.

New version of the NeoDCP player was just released. Official release notes:

NeoDCP Player Version 2.66 (16th October 2014)

  • Windows 10 is now recognized and fully supported
  • Subtitle prefetcher is now more effective
  • CPL markers are ingested
  • Slightly changed the behavior of the trial version
  • Increased the maximum MXF ancillary data size limit
  • Minor optimizations to visible watermark placement code
  • DCP database schema upgraded
  • nVidia API updated
  • GUI updated
  • Installer updated
  • Fixed two minor issues with opening standalone audio/video MXFs
  • Better handling of unicode paths
  • Corrected display of DCP data with HTML entities
  • Some CPL markers were not displayed in the go-to menu


NeoDCP Player v2.61 is here.

  • Full-screen playback shall be possible even if the selected display mode is unavailable
  • Added support for 8-bit color and high color display modes (a warning will be displayed)
  • Added more options for the custom output gamma correction value
  • JPEG 2000 decoder updated
  • French translation updated

NeoDCP Player version 2.39

  • Added support for font resources that do not contain regular style

NeoDCP Player version 2.38

  • DCPs are now opened by selecting their ASSETMAP files
  • CPL selection dialog fixed
  • KDM ingest was failing if recipient’s subject name was formatted in a certain way

NeoDCP Player version 2.37

  • Added support for 2.35:1 digital masking
  • Important stability fixes
  • Slightly increased minimum hardware requirements
  • GUI updated

NeoDCP Player version 2.35

  • It is possible to configure reference whites for color transforms
  • Added three color transforms
  • License requests now contain OS type information
  • Entering name and organization is now mandatory when creating license requests
  • Updated audio/video synchronization
  • Changed frame-code position
  • Updated pixel shader code
  • PNG decoder updated
  • Various editions of Windows 8.1 are now identified correctly
  • Fixed an issue with audio/video delay in non-v-sync mode
  • The playback window was sometimes closing too slowly when content protection was active
  • Minor corrections to SMPTE subtitle timing

NeoDCP Player version 2.34

  • Subtitle rasterizer updated
  • Installer updated
  • Playback window caption should contain playlist name
  • Fixed occassional incorrect texture initialization

NeoDCP Player version 2.33

  • Changed the way color transforms are configured.
  • Modified colors of the Settings window.

NeoDCP Player version 2.32

  • Added support for digital masking (Flat 1.85:1, Scope 2.39:1 and 16:9).
  • Added support for side-by-side stereoscopic playback.
  • Significantly increased stability when attempting to play damaged DCPs.
  • Digital mask coloring for projector/screen configuration (toggle by pressing ‘B’ when the playback window has focus).
  • Added ‘Reset to defaults’ button to the ‘Settings’ window.
  • Changed the default setting of ‘3D video playback’ to ‘stereoscopic playback’.
  • Changed the default setting of ‘Video scaling’ to ‘resize to cover the entire display area’.
  • JPEG 2000 decoder updated.
  • PNG decoder updated.
  • Switched from Qt4.8 to Qt5.2.
  • Removed the option to erase all keys and data from the uninstaller.