NeoDCP Player version 2.29

Fixed potential performance issue with DCP inspect when many KDM were ingested.

NeoDCP Player version 2.28

  • Addressed the issue with reading MXF files with incorrect header metadata created by MainConcept TotalCode.
  • Minor change to windowed playback mode on nVidia graphics cards.
  • HDCP-related optimizations.

NeoDCP Player version 2.27

  • Improved subtitle fading in 30-bit deep color mode with enabled hardware-accelerated color processing.
  • The application should not abort playback when stereoscopic output is requested but not available.

NeoDCP Player version 2.26

  • Eliminated unnecessary delay when switching between full-screen and windowed modes under some circumstances.
  • HDCP-related optimizations.
  • An error message was shown when saving a playlist file even if no error occurred.

NeoDCP Player version 2.25

  • Added playlist support.
  • 30-bit deep color output is now supported.
  • The HDCP and DPCP content protection implementations are now compatible with deep color video output.
  • The display refresh rates are shown with higher precision.
  • Added French translation of the application.
  • Pressing the eject button now displays menu.
  • Improved keyboard navigation using the Tab key.
  • Improved playback window positioning.
  • The disable color transform option is now located in the box next to the ‘Configure color transform’ button.
  • Added XYZ to SMPTE-C RGB color space conversion.
  • Implemented workaround for stereoscopic playback bug in some AMD/ATI drivers.
  • Changing color settings should reopen the current video.
  • Encrypted content playback now requires Windows Vista, 7 or 8 OS.
  • Installer updated to register the .NEP playlist file type.
  • Improved handling of interlaced display modes.
  • Updated the display refresh rate sorting algorithm.
  • Display modes with resolutions below 800×600 pixels are not shown.
  • GUI updated.

NeoDCP Player version 2.22

  • Added option to define XYZ/RGB color space conversion matrix.
  • Added options to set gamma transfer functions for XYZ/RGB color transform.
  • Resolved some issues with interlaced display modes.
  • Reduced interference from other applications.
  • Fixed a memory leak from the previous version.
  • An empty message was shown when application settings could not be loaded.
  • Slightly modified the behavior of excess CPU load indicator.
  • Audio/video MXF file open dialog now defaults to another folder.
  • Reorganized the Settings window.

NeoDCP Player version 2.21

Added excess CPU load indicator.

NeoDCP Player version 2.20

  • Hardware requirements reduced.
  • Added Color tab in the Settings window.
  • Hardware-accelerated color processing modes require graphics cards with shader model 2.0 (or higher) support.
  • Temporarily removed the disable color transform option since it will be replaced by more parameters.
  • Graphics card blending modes are now checked whether they are supported.
  • When opening a 4K DCP/MXF, the 32-bit version limits the output resolution to 2K due to memory constraints.
  • When opening a 4K DCP/MXF in full resolution, the 64-bit version may perform some optimizations.
  • Slightly modified the logic behind output resolution modification.
  • Translations updated.
  • GUI updated.

NeoDCP Player version 2.12

  • An error is shown when DirectX or OpenGL cannot be initialized properly
  • Licence expiration dates are now shown in UTC
  • GUI updated

NeoDCP Player version 2.11

  • More general forms of DCPs are now accepted, the GUI has been updated accordingly
  • Changed the display mode sorting order in the Settings window
  • Changed the order of monitor enumeration – first nVidia, then AMD/ATI