NeoDCP Player v3.00 – Windows 10 is fully supported.

Official release notes:
  • Windows 10 (build 10240) is now fully supported
  • Added subtitles/captions selection option for CPLs, possible to be set differently for each playlist item
  • Added an option to evaluate system performance to the installer
  • Removed the ‘Render subtitles’ option from the Settings window
  • It is now allowed to start partial playback even if the audio device or the video device cannot be opened
  • Windowed mode can be disabled by a license key (upon request)
  • Opening standalone MXF files can be disabled by a license key (upon request)
  • Modified the License request and License import windows
  • Corrected sizing of some GUI elements
  • nVidia API updated
  • Database engine updated
  • PNG decoder updated
  • Installer updated
  • Updated German, Russian and Slovak translations
  • Corrected minor issue with determining memory module sizes

Enjoy your NeoDCP Player!

NeoDCP Player v2.81 release notes.

Official release notes:
  • Reel titles are displayed in the DCP inspection window
  • Reordered table columns in the DCP inspection window
  • Reorganized DCP/CPL selection dialogs
  • Modified the DCP and KDM ingest procedures
  • Subtitle rasterizer updated
  • Installer updated
  • Upgraded to Qt 5.5
  • Better handling of boundary cases during ASSETMAP/PKL file parsing
  • Hyphens in the list of preferred subtitle languages were not handled correctly, fixed
  • CPLs with empty ScreenAspectRatio tags could not be loaded nor ingested, fixed
  • Ingested DCPs could not be loaded under some unlikely circumstances, fixed

NeoDCP Player v2.80 – Brightness correction per CPL/DCP now available.

Dear friends,

We have implemented a feature that has been requested by some of our customers using NeoDCP Player for 3D screening. Often it is necessary to adjust brightness of the image per each playlist item differently. Some 3D movies are uncorrected for 3D glasses, some are already corrected, and all 2D movies, trailers or advertisements need brightness correction when viewed through 3D glasses.

Official release notes:
  • Added brightness correction option for CPLs, possible to be set differently for each playlist item
  • Minor change to the behavior of the volume slider
  • Updated pixel shader code
  • Updated German and Russian translations

Enjoy your NeoDCP Player!

NeoDCP Player v2.79 – Remove all expired key validities easily.

Official release notes:
  • Added the ‘Remove’ button to the KDM browser window
  • Added a button for removing all expired key validity intervals to the KDM browser window
  • Slightly changed the bottom table in the controller window
  • Corresponding KDM message IDs are shown for each key validity period in the KDM browser window
  • KDM database schema upgraded
  • Installer updated
  • Updated Slovak translation
  • Fixed an issue with encrypted SMPTE subtitles in x64 mode (2.77+)

Enjoy your NeoDCP Player!

NeoDCP Player v2.78 release news.

Official release notes:
  • It is now possible to ingest DCPs with duplicate reel UUIDs
  • Loosened PKL/CPL hash consistency checks
  • Changed the default folder for color profiles
  • DCP database schema upgraded
  • KDM ingest was failing if the KDM was not formatted exactly according to SMPTE 430-1-2006

NeoDCP Player version 2.53 was just released

Greetings everyone!

Here is another release that comes with several interesting news:

NeoDCP Player Version 2.53

(3rd August 2014)

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation of the application
  • More metadata displayed on DCP inspect
  • Added the ‘Play full lengths’ option to the ‘Open ingested DCP’ dialog
  • Implemented additional checks when importing a license
  • Slightly changed the format of license requests
  • Pressing the stop-button should close the playback window
  • Changed GUI behavior when stopping playback
  • Installer updated

Enjoy !

NeoDCP Player version 2.39

  • Added support for font resources that do not contain regular style

NeoDCP Player version 2.38

  • DCPs are now opened by selecting their ASSETMAP files
  • CPL selection dialog fixed
  • KDM ingest was failing if recipient’s subject name was formatted in a certain way

NeoDCP Player version 2.37

  • Added support for 2.35:1 digital masking
  • Important stability fixes
  • Slightly increased minimum hardware requirements
  • GUI updated

NeoDCP Player version 2.36

  • Added support for stereoscopic SMPTE subtitles
  • Added error reporting functionality
  • Translations updated
  • Installer updated
  • GUI updated