NeoDCP Player version 2.74 is out. Read more here.

Dear friends!

Not so long after our previous release we are bringing you a new version of NeoDCP Player.

We have been asked to add an option to move subtitles vertically and the possibility to manually override colors of subtitles. We weren’t sure about allowing such an intervention into the DCP projection, however our analysis has shown us that there are cinema operators who really need to display subtitles for example on the top of the screen just because they don’t have ascending seats or due to their cinema’s physical characteristics.

Thank you, Clemens and Sebastian, for the ideas, here is our contribution:

Official release notes:

NeoDCP Player v2.74 (18th May 2015)

  • Added support for vertically repositioning subtitles and closed captions
  • Added support for overriding colors of subtitles and closed captions
  • Redesigned DCP/CPL selection dialogs
  • Modified tab order of some GUI elements
  • XYZ to simplified sRGB color space conversion is now default
  • Updated German, Slovak and Russian translations

Each composition (CPL) of a DCP may have different output dimensions. It would make only a little sense to add the option for vertical displacement of subtitles or for overriding subtitles’ color into NeoDCP Player’s general settings. Moreover cinemas very often need to play more CPLs of different aspect ratios one after another.

Therefore you may configure the vertical displacement of subtitles and override subtitle colors right after opening a DCP in the Advanced tab or per CPL in the Playlist editor in a similar way.


Creating NeoDCP playlist that contains CPLs with customized subtitles color and placement.

  1. On the File menu, select Playlist editor…
  2. Enter a new name for your playlist
  3. Click the Add. button and choose Add CPL from DCP… or Add CPL from DCP libraries…
  4. Select the Assetmap file of your DCP.
  5. Select desired composition (CPL)
  6. Click the Advanced tab to show subtitles color override and vertical position settings.
  7. Enter the Vertical displacement of subtitles value and/or select the New color for subtitles
  8. Click OK. New CPL will appear in the list.
  9. To add more CPLs repeat steps 3 – 8.
  10. As soon as your playlist contains the desired content click Save as… button and save your playlist into the a NeoDCP Playlist File (.NEP).

To open your newly created playlist file, go to the Files menu, select the Open playlist item and choose your NeoDCP Playlist File (.NEP).





If you’re not happy tell us, if you’re happy tell others!


NeoDCP v2.62 – Several requests from our cinema customers implemented.

The summer cinema season is almost over here in Europe and there has been time to review an experience with NeoDCP Player by some of our cinema customers. We have collected some most useful change requests and the result is here. NeoDCP Player v2.62 was just released with following release notes:

  • Redesigned the KDM browser window
  • Redesigned the DCP inspect window
  • Minor correction to the KDM sorting algorithm
  • Increased highlighting for the currently playing title within a playlist
  • It should not be allowed to create DCP repositories in folders that are not empty

Here are some feedbacks we have received:

“Our summer season went well, there were no technical problems at all.”

or “… But – these are just suggestions. The software is outstanding already!”

or “We would certainly suggest Neo to anyone who asks us”

Thank you guys, your feedback really motivates us to keep the development effort on 100%+ .

What exactly has changed in NeoDCP Player v2.62?

Redesigned the KDM browser window


You were not able to see the validity periods on the first sight. You needed to click the buttons, analyse, …

It was not an issue if you have few KDMs in your database. However in cinemas you receive many KDMs and after some time you just would like to see it more clearly.


Now you can clearly see if your KDM is valid when the validity starts and after what date/time the KDM is not valid anymore. The icon displays as green if everything is ok, but gets orange or even red if there is some issue.

The most important, you don’t need to click to see each KDM parameters. Everything is visible on the first sight. Of course, those who still need more info can always click.


Browse KDM database - previous version

Browse KDM database – previous version

Browse KDM database - new version

Browse KDM database – new version

Redesigned DCP inspect window


The DCP inspect was just perfect.

However there were still several things that could be done better 😉 .


Now, in one window everything is even more visible, clearly aligned and comprehensive.

Inspect DCP - previous version

Inspect DCP – previous version

Inspect DCP - new version

Inspect DCP – new version

Increased highlighting for the currently playing title within a playlist

We were informed that inside the cinema booth it was not very apparent which playlist item was currently playing. Therefore we have changed colors to make it more clear.

NeoDCP Player playlist - previous version

NeoDCP Player playlist – previous version

NeoDCP Player playlist - new version

NeoDCP Player playlist – new version

It is always very useful for features development if you let us know about everything that can make your life easier. As our customers you have a direct contact to our team. Don’t hesitate, contact us. We are always glad to hear from you.


The NeoDCP Team