NeoDCP Player v2.77 – the only software DCP player with color calibration.

NeoDCP Team proudly announces a very useful feature for everyone who owns or has access to a calibration colorimeter.

You may now utilize the wider color gamut of your display device without needing to resort to the much narrower sRGB color gamut. Also the colors may be rendered much more accurately, without more or less visible color casts that are typical for all uncalibrated displays.

Official release notes:

NeoDCP Player v2.77 (12th June 2015)

  • Added support for importing ICC color profiles
  • Added possibility to fine-tune input/output gamma corrections
  • Output gamma correction for each channel separately
  • Added an option to prevent color component overshoot
  • DCP inspect shows main markers and Dolby Atmos® track info
  • GPU gamma ramps are disabled by the application
  • DCPs with duplicate PKL or CPL UUIDs are handled differently during ingest
  • Updated pixel shader code
  • MXF loader updated
  • Subtitle rasterizer updated
  • Removed the ‘Enable vertical sync’ option from the Settings window
  • ! The installer didn’t work under Windows XP x64
  • ! An error message wasn’t shown when the target DCP library didn’t exist

Here is the workflow:

  1. Create an ICC color profile for your display device using a hardware calibration colorimeter
  2. Open Color settings in your NeoDCP Player
  3. Import the ICC profile file created in the first step

Enjoy accurate colors!