How to play supplemental DCPs

To be able to play a supplemental DCP in the NeoDCP Player, the original referenced DCP has to be ingested first.

To ingest DCPs, a DCP repository has to be created beforehands.

How to create a DCP library? (this has to be done only once)

  1. Go to menu “Ingest” and select the “Manage libraries…” item.
  2. Click the “Create DCP library” button.
  3. Enter the desired library name – it is only an alias and it will be possible to change it in the future.
  4. Press the “Select folder” button and choose an empty folder, preferably on a separate hard-drive.
  5. Click OK. The library will appear in the “DCP libraries” list and it will be automatically selected as an ingest target.

Note: You may create one or more libraries.

How to ingest DCPs?

  1. Go to menu “Ingest” and select the “Ingest DCPs…” item.
  2. Then choose the folder which contains the DCPs you want to have ingested by the player. A selection dialog will appear.
  3. Choose which DCPs to ingest and press the button “Ingest DCPs”.

How to play ingested DCPs?

  1. Go to menu “Ingest” and select the “Open ingested DCP…” item.
  2. Select the composition (CPL) you want to play and press “Open CPL”.

How to play supplemental DCPs?

A supplemental DCP refers to media assets that are present in another DCP. In order to be able to automatically locate these media assets, the referenced DCP has to be ingested by the player. The media assets from an ingested DCP are then automatically registered so that other DCPs could use them. So, if the original referenced DCP is already ingested, you can play the supplemental DCP by selecting “Open DCP…” item from the “File” menu. Of course, it is also possible to ingest the supplemental DCP too, and to open it via “Open ingested DCP…”

the NeoDCP Team


NeoDCP Player version 2.50 released

Dear friends and colleagues,

new version of the NeoDCP Player was just released. Many interesting features are ready to be used:

NeoDCP Player v2.50

(28th July 2014, beta)

  • Implemented DCP ingest feature
  • Implemented DCP hash verification feature
  • Added full support for so-called Supplemental DCPs
  • Unresolved file references are clearly marked when inspecting supplemental DCPs
  • Added Spanish translation of the application
  • Added more diagnostic checks to the DirectX initialization code
  • Added more diagnostic checks to the MXF handling code
  • More MXF file metadata displayed on inspect (average bit-rate, type, etc.)
  • Added an option to disable subtitles rendering
  • Added menu item to toggle digital mask visibility for projector/screen configuration
  • Added support for the EffectSize subtitle attribute
  • If needed, decryption key validity periods are extended by 6 hours (according to the DCI Specification v1.2)
  • Added ‘Alt-F’ hotkey to switch between full-screen and windowed modes
  • A warning is shown when running the 32-bit version under a 64-bit Windows OS
  • It is possible to play CPLs containing audio even if the output audio device is not available
  • Added license expiration dialog
  • Licensing menu and dialogs redesigned
  • Maximum picture queue size is now determined differently
  • CPL selection dialog items reordered
  • PKL content title is displayed instead when the PKL annotation text is empty
  • KDM-related optimizations
  • Redesigned the KDM browser window
  • DCP inspect window redesigned
  • The default border subtitle effect was too faint
  • Fixed minor font style selection issue introduced in the previous version
  • Corrected sizing of some GUI elements
  • Changed colors of some GUI elements
  • More verbose when PKL asset file info is incomplete
  • More verbose when parsing invalid or missing ASSETMAP/CPL/PKL/MXF files
  • More verbose when encountering errors during opening of playlist files
  • Renamed the ‘default’ full-screen mode to ‘use Windows desktop settings’
  • Changed the default setting of ‘Video scaling’ to ‘fit to the display area’
  • Replaced the ‘B’ hotkey for digital mask by ‘Alt-M’ and changed its context to the controller window
  • Slightly modified the behavior of excess CPU load indicator
  • Most dialogs except file/folder selection are now centered on screen
  • JPEG 2000 decoder updated
  • PNG decoder updated
  • Translations updated
  • Decryption key expiration warning was sometimes shown way too early

NeoDCP Player at movie festival Art Film Fest 2014

Dear friends and colleagues,

Two instances of NeoDCP Player have been successfully used to screen many DCPs for audience at the international movie festival Art Film Fest 2014. The first one was connected to a DCI-compliant Barco projector, whereas the second one was connected to an ordinary full-HD Sanyo projector to meet special requirements.

Features recognised as very useful


  • Especially for the International Competition of Short Films
  • Many 5-30 minutes long movies with various frame-rates and aspect ratios were played without interruption so the playback operation crew could have a coffee

Video settings

  • Simple pre-projection preparation phase assured successful playback

Playback of encrypted DCPs

  • Many encrypted DCPs have been successfully screened

Subtitles rendering

  • Fantastic subtitles rendering helped the audience to achieve better experience
  • Did you know that the NeoDCP Player is the only DCP player with DCI-grade subtitles rendering? Those of you who understand know that only this way you will see  what a movie authors originally intended the audience to perceive

Digital masking

  • Important feature that allowed the projection crew to relax when preparing for projection
  • Many cinemas have projection screens with different aspect ratios. Normally it is quite a challenge to correctly setup a projector for screening to match the screen area. Digital masking makes everything very simple

Secret button ‘B’

  • Did you know that when you are focused on the playback screen and press ‘B’ it will highlight the digital mask? If you are an cinema, try it yourself and let us know if you like it 😉

Support for so-called supplemental DCPs

  • Yet unreleased feature that will be published very soon for all of you

Finally, here are a few photos from the projection:

(more to come soon)

Important note for all

NeoDCP player has been recognised as much more effective solution to project DCPs for audience than rentals of expensive DCP servers. Here are the reasons:

  • Rentals of DCP servers are very expensive
  • Their usability is too old-style and difficult
  • For the price of DCP server rentals you can get at least 2 professional licenses of NeoDCP Player
  • You will never get such power over the playback quality with rented DCP server as you get with NeoDCP
  • You can always borrow the PC with NeoDCP Player to your colleagues
  • Last, but not least, usually with renting DCP server you must pay the DCP server projection crew. This may be very costly too. NeoDCP Player is so simple so your technician will learn using it within max. 30 minutes. Save some money with us!