NeoDCP Player v3.60 is available. What’s new?

Dear friends!

New release of NeoDCP Player is available.

We are introducing a comprehensive User Guide for NeoDCP Player. You may access it from the Help menu. Other improvements are included as well:

NeoDCP Player v3.60 release notes
  • The User Manual is accessible on the Help menu
  • In the playlist editor, double-clicking an item invokes a window to change the item’s parameters
  • Added context-menu to the DCP/CPL selection table in the ‘Open Ingested DCP’ window
  • Added context-menu to both tables in the ‘Inspect DCP’ window
  • Breaking change: Changed the command-line interface syntax (please refer to the User Manual)
  • Allowed to use the ‘Open Ingested DCP’ dialog even if no DCP library exists
  • MXF loader updated
  • PNG decoder updated
  • Subtitle rasterizer updated
  • Installer updated
  • Removed ‘Command Line Option Help’ from the menu

Upgrade your installations and enjoy!

The latest version is available for download here.
To read full release notes, click here.

Any questions or suggestions? Contact us here.

Best regards,

NeoDCP Development Team